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From the plate to the palate, we are the experts in premiere culinary experiences that appeal to all senses - and always sensationally!

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It's familiar with a novel twist, or simply comforting for the tastes you know and love. We make it fresh, fabulous, and all close to home.

Our Commitment to the Community

Locally Loyal

RK Bluegrass believes that the artisans, farmers, and makers in Kentucky deserve to be showcased at the highest level and we are proud to feature products from these local vendors at our events:

Our Partners

Berry Beef Farm, our Home Place Meat

Freedom Run Farms

Joyce Farms

Weisenberger Mills

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

North Country Charcuterie


First and foremost, I want to convey our appreciation on the outstanding job last night. The food was exceptionally amazing, and I've heard nothing but positive and glowing remarks from our folks! The bartender and waitstaff were so helpful and friendly and were truly enjoyable to work with.

Karen R.

The wedding was everything we could have dreamed of! Everything was so beautiful and all the staff were so nice! You made the planning process so much easier than I could have ever been! It truly was the best day ever! Everything was exactly how we talked about and so amazing!

The Nuxols

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You might say we know food from an award-winning perspective. Because for over 77 years, we've been raising the bar on catering standards and perfecting hospitality in every way, anywhere we go.
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